Tracy and Danner Bethel

We have worked with Stephanie as a realtor since 2004. We have sold and bought several times with Stephanie and every single time we have had a smooth and seamless experience. Not only has Stephanie helped us find a home that we love, she has made sure that it has been a good investment so that when we are ready to move again we are able to make a profit on our home. Most recently, I knew the area I wanted to move into, but I could not find the right home. Stephanie knew a builder that she had worked with in the past was doing a home in the area we wanted to move into. She was able to connect us, and help us put a contract on the house so that we could make selections while the house was being built. In order to make all of this work though, she also had to sell our home, quickly! While I was panicked to get our home sold, Stephanie was so calming and positive. We had been on the market about a month and the holidays were approaching so I suggested to Stephanie we take it off the market and start fresh in the new year. Stephanie recommended we leave it on, saying that we just don’t want to miss a buyer. She was right! The week between Christmas and New Years we got a contract. The best part about working with Stephanie is that you know she has got you! She is extremely organized, prepared, calm, and knows the in’s and out’s of the Austin market. Any real estate advice that Stephanie has given us over the past 15 years has always been dead on. She has made every sell and purchase of our homes enjoyable and when we are working with Stephanie we know we can let go of the stress of finding a home because she has always come through and will get it done!

James K Schoenbaum

Stephanie and I worked together on a complicated ground up, infill development project in Old West Austin from 2013-2019 called The Stonewall. Beyond her selling all 11 units prior to construction completion, she was integrally involved in virtually every aspect of the development. From developing the concept of Stonewall to the tedious minutia of each unit’s custom floor plan, Stephanie was not just consulted, but relied upon, to make final decisions. More than just helping me on the business side of life and selling all of the condos at Stonewall, Stephanie helped my wife and I buy a home in 2017. She and her team simplified and streamlined the buying process, took care of everything, and made the whole thing feel seamless. She is my easiest and best referral. She has helped several of our friends find homes in the last couple years, and every single one of them has thanked me for connecting them with Stephanie. If you are reading this, you likely have already made up your mind to work with Stephanie and are looking for confirmation of that decision. Let me help. If you have the opportunity to work with Stephanie, in any capacity, take it knowing you have made a great decision.

Paul Byrne

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Stephanie on 5 plus real estate transactions over the last few years. Her professionalism and attention to detail are unmatched, plus she’s just fun to be around! I look forward to working with Stephanie for many years to come!

Patrick Dunn

Stephanie exemplifies confidence, professionalism, class, loyalty and above all, integrity, in every real estate transaction, she is involved with. I am always proud and confident with her representing my interests.

Work With Me

Stephanie has aligned herself with unparalleled teams to facilitate project feasibility and land development. Her keen sense of design sets expectations for both buyers and sellers.